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Electrical Troubleshooting in Ogden

When in Doubt, Call an Expert

There’s a reason it takes extensive training and certification to become an electrician. Mishandling live wires can be extremely dangerous, possibly resulting in injury or death.

For this reason, we don’t advise the average homeowner to try to make electrical repairs by him or herself. There’s a lot that can go wrong and a lot at stake: your health and the safety of your home.

We understand, however, that you may wish to determine the source of a problem, or simply learn more about how your home circuits work. If so, we strongly advise caution.

Don’t put your safety at risk. Call Master Electrical Service for any electrical jobs big or small.

Safety First

If you want to get a closer look at your circuits to see if there might be a problem, be cautious.

There are several safety precautions you should remember when near electric wiring:

  • Don’t be in a hurry. Stop and think about every step.
  • Unless you know for certain a circuit is disconnected, do not touch it.
  • Wear non-conductive gloves and closed-toed shoes with insulated soles.
  • NEVER touch any electrical circuit in damp conditions, particularly if you’re standing on a wet floor.
  • Use tools with insulated handles.
  • Do not use a steel or aluminum ladder if checking on wiring up high. Use wood or fiberglass instead.

Our Electrical Repair Services in Ogden

When in doubt, it’s always better to call in a professional. At Master Electrical Service, we take on jobs big or small and perform safety checks for our clients so they can have peace of mind. We install, remove, and repair all sorts of home circuits, and handle lighting, solar, generator, and surge protection needs. We are happy to offer inspections and provide troubleshooting and repair services in Ogden, Salt Lake City, Orem, Logan, Morgan, Davis, and surrounding areas.

Don’t take on a project you’re not equipped to handle. Call the experts at Master Electrical Service at (801) 829-9730.

Five Star Reviews

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  • We appreciate your service and our new alarms, thanks.

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    - Kent B.
  • The servicemen who came to our home were polite and professional all the way.

    “The problem was solved quickly, efficiently and for a very reasonable price. The servicemen who came to our home were polite and professional all the way. The next time I need electrical service, I'll ...”

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    “We had a tree branch take out our power lines and they worked so hard to get us connected again. Great service and very friendly!”

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  • I'll be using Master Electrical for future service needs.

    “Efficient friendly service and they were able to solve a problem we've had for some time. I'll be using Master Electrical for future service needs. Thanks!”

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